A Text Independent Writer Identification System From Hand Written Document Images

January 2017-April, 2017

This project presents a stand alone GUI application for verifying the authenticity of a writer of a hand written text document. It takes an image of hand written text and predicts the author id from a set of pre- enrolled authors. The system also provides the functionality of enrolling a new author to the existing database with known written sample and also training the system with the newly updated feature database. Author verification functionality can be accessed by any user, where as only an Admin. has access to the new author enroll and classifier training functionality. The project is completely built on Matlab 2014 Ra.

Analysis of Pancreas Histological Images for Glucose Intolerance Identification using Wavelet Decomposition

May 2015 – Jun 2015

This project of mine, done at Jadavpur University CMATER Lab, Dept. of Computer Science, aims to predict diabetic condition from the microscopic images of pancreas by automatically segmenting out the different cell regions and extracting features form them. This project later got converted to a Research Publication with the same title. This project was done in Matlab 2014 Ra (image processing part) and Weka 3.8 (Classification part).

Competitor Price based Dynamic Pricing Model.

Jul 2017 – Jan 2018

This is a proof of concept of setting price for the own products based on near real time data about the price of the competitor products using some machine learning algorithm. It was done as a part of a DELL project.