Written as a response to a friend’s melancholic comment- “Moon is lost while counting the stars”, this sonnet talks about the concept that we should always explore new opportunities instead of sticking to one. But before doing so, we need to identify and confirm the readily achievable options. And standing on those options already achieved, we need to look for new possibilities for our growth. Sometimes it may appear that we are losing some opportunity while searching for the other, however, in the broader scope of life it is not the case. Ups and Downs are part and parcel of life. But it gives us ample opportunity to start something new. It is just that we need to look for those and take calculated risk. This is a hybrid sonnet with a rhyming scheme close to Shakespearian sonnets and meaning structure wise it follows Petrarchan sonnet style.


  1. Tathagata Bandopadhyay,
    This is your nice poem. Reality reflects in your poem. This has happened to me also. I also love writing poems. I have a blog, name is Aria Vibes.
    From-Praddyumn Kulshreshtha

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