Tathagata Bandyopadhyay

A Journey Towards A Childhood DREAM.


“Hey buddy, could you please give me a lift on your bicycle?”- That boy of the second bench used to ask this question quite frequently to his peers, with a hope of affirmative reply. Be it on the way to school or tuition, most of the time he used to plead for a ride. I still remember that glad face, he used to have when someone offered him a lift. But, many a times he could not manage one and used to walk for miles to reach school or tuition. It was neither the non-availability of public transport, nor the impecunity of his parents to afford the cost, but the boy used to do it, coz, probably it was the only path he could think of to achieve his dream.

“You have to dream before your dreams can come true” ~ APJ Abdul Kalam.

In his standard eleven, his uncle bought a laptop- ‘Dell Inspiron’, the very first laptop in his family. The sleek look and feel of this new gadget and its pragmatic utility in studies, kindled an ardent aspiration in that young mind and developed his predisposition for DELL. Numerous sketches of Dell logo and laptops in most of his notebooks, evinced his desire to have one of his own. Unsure about his parents’ rejoinder to his wish, he came up with his own idea –to procure a Dell laptop saving daily conveyance cost. People called him ‘mad’, laughed at him and gave him funny moniker. But, he was pertinacious. Scorching heat of summer or the heavy rain of monsoon, he kept on walking or pleading for a ride, with his eyes glittering in determination to achieve his goal, coz he knew saving ninety rupees a day was enough to buy a Dell Laptop in a year.

However, many times it doesn’t happen the way we want it. So was the case for that poor fellow. After three months of arduous work and a saving of approximately ten thousand rupees, his plan got divulged to his parents and immediately they took utmost care so that the boy could not proceed any further in that way.

“When you truly want something and go after it without limiting yourself with disbelief, the Universe will make it happen”

Now, moving fast forward by six years, I would like to introduce that boy or rather that gentleman to all the readers of this article. He is now a Software developer at DELL Technologies and uses one of the best DELL laptops and yes ‘he’ is none other than me.

With that little glimpse of a life event, I have just started this voyage of giving my ideas and experiences an eloquent physique of words to reach out to people and ignite the flame of ambition in the young minds. Reviews and suggestions would be of great help. Please stay tuned for upcoming posts about my research and few more of my motivational life stories.

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