Tathagata BandyopadhyayHi, I am Tathagata. For me LIFE means Learn and Innovate For Ever.

“The company you keep defines who you are”- with that in mind, I wish to be connected with people of varied interest all over the world, to have a diverse and vibrant company, which would, in turn, define myself. In the modern era of globalization and internet, a useful tool to fulfil my wish is a website and so I am having one.

I am a software developer by profession and a learner and researcher by passion. I love to study, research and gather knowledge in different horizon of science and technology and share my comprehension and experiences with the community as much as I can, because I believe sharing knowledge enables us to not only grow together but also grow faster.

As a personal choice, my research interest lies in day-to-day applications of Machine Learning and Data Science algorithms and their underlying theories which are making our life easier and simpler day by day. To be little more specific, computer Vision and Bio-Signal Processing are two key areas of my research.

If technology research is food for my brain, poetry is so for my heart. I love to read ornamental poems and write few of my own. I love to play with words, rhythm, metaphors and alliteration in my leisure.

So, folks, if you are a researcher, an academician or an aspirant individual, a student, a teacher or a philosopher, a poet, a painter or an ardent learner, please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to ruminate, discuss and learn with you all to ultimately win together.